Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre Wedding Photography

Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre Wedding Photography

Sarah and Alex were married a year ago at Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre in London Ontario and I loved capturing their big day. The girls were all very relaxed getting ready, as were the guys who got to hang out and play pool, I always think the guys getting ready shots are made much more fun when they are doing an activity. When I asked the happy couple what they were most looking forward to it was their first look, it was an emotional moment and really allowed them to relax more through the rest of the evening with their guests. We captured a bunch of portraits of them outside with their wedding party, family and some special ones just of the two of them. We then headed in from the chilly March wind and they did what was a new thing at that point ‘faceswap’ which was my first bride and groom faceswap! After a few more indoor photos the ceremony was held inside and even though they had done the first look, it was still a very emotional moment for all involved. When future bride and grooms are tossing up whether to do a first look or not I always tell them how all of the emotion is still there for that walk up the aisle, its just that you can then hang out with your guests straight after the ceremony (or after the family photos). Rob from Music Central was there brilliant MC and I loved seeing their guests enjoying the same day slideshow I put together of their first look and earlier moments from the day. After the lovely speeches and fun dancing I headed outside with the couple for some dramatically lit nighttime shots- check out that clear sky!


Cake: Angelo’s Italian Bakery & Market
Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: ModCloth
Hair & Makeup: The Spa At Home
DJ: Music Central
Photobooth: Flashpoint
Flowers: Forest Of Flowers

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Elmhurst Wedding Photography Ingersoll Ontario

Elmhurst Wedding Photography Ingersoll Ontario

I’ve always loved photographing weddings at the Elmhurst and Cara and Denis’ big day was certainly no exception! This blog is in the format of showing you exactly what they ordered in their album, I love seeing what images that couples choose to have in their albums as it is quite often different images to what I would typically share. Photographing the girls getting ready at the Idlewyld was a dream while my second shooter captured the guys at home. After following the girls in Cara’s friends gorgeous car to the Compass community church we captured their very meaningful ceremony. After a family tragedy the couple rose up and were able to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family at the Elm Hurst. There was a big emphasis on fun with great games and short but meaningful speeches. The Willy Wonka theme was great all across the invitations, favors, centerpieces and of course the amazing candy bar! We then headed outside for some fun with sparklers and night photos.

Make up / pedicures and manicures, Overnight accommodations and mimosas – Idlewyld inn and spa
Cake – Sebations on Adelaide
Ceremony- Pastor Mark Hollywood – Compass Community Church
Reception – Elm Hurst Inn and Spa 
Dress – Davids bridal
Suit – moores
Fro yo and candy bar – Chil 
Flowers – Gammage flowers 
Shoes – walking on a cloud – Birkenstocks
DJ/Photobooth – Music Central

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Proposal Photography London Ontario

For years I have been advertising to capture the real moment of the proposal, and I was so happy when I was contacted by Mina who was planning to propose to his girlfriend Anna-Maria at the same place they met a year ago, Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend. Mina printed many photographs of all of the great times they have spent together and had help from the wonderful Oakwood staff to set up the beautiful Terrace room the night before. I arrived and photographed all of the details while the oakwood staff lit and kept an eye on all of the candles which, along with the rose petals made a walkway going past all of their memories. Mina had told me that she would be very surprised as the back story was that they were going to look at the room which they had hired for an event as it was said to have had flood damage. When she walked in the door I was so happy to capture her surprise and all of the sweet moments of them looking at the photographs together. At the end of the photographs were the words ‘will you marry me?’ and as she read the words he got down on one knee and popped the question which was then followed by him putting the amazing bling on her finger (seriously you HAVE to check out those rings!). I loved watching her put it all together with that her mom had asked her what she was going to wear that day and that her sister had done her nails the day before. They celebrated with a big glass of wine and we headed outside for some ‘Just engaged’ shots. I loved hearing how she excitedly said ‘we’re engaged!’ and ‘I can’t believe it’ the whole time we were taking the photos, seriously so sweet!

If you know of anyone about to pop the questions either in an elaborate surprise like this or in a small moment, I would love to capture this amazing moment and willing to work out a great value way to do this for you!

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1st Birthday Photography session- St Patricks Day

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie since she was just a couple of months old and I loved the idea that her mom had to make her first birthday session St Patrick’s Day themed as she was born on St Patrick’s Day. I’m currently running a ‘Luck of the Irish’ giveaway for a free Spring Mini Session on my Instagram page and would love for you to enter! I also wanted to blog these pics as I wanted to show that not all 1st birthday photography sessions are cake smashes, in this session we photographed her in the two outfits you see here but also another outfit with her family (one of the pics is towards the bottom of this post).


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CASO wedding photography St Thomas

CASO wedding photography St Thomas

It is about time I post this wedding from almost 2 years ago and if you’re anything like me and loving catching up on all of the Oscar nominated movies, you will love this Hollywood themed wedding at the CASO train station in St Thomas. I knew Laura and John had a big love for movies from their engagement session photographed at the movie theater at Westmount Mall. We captured all of the old Hollywood details and their very emotional first look. Laura and John had been together for many years so it was wonderful to capture their day with their closest friends and family. I loved all of the personalized details that the couple included- Laura was in the wedding industry at the time and so as she had seen many weddings I think they really made it their own with the imperial march as the processional song, Zelda themed pics (in the freezing cold) and ‘One kiss to rule them all’ at the start of the dinner rather than doing games etc. After some emotional speeches they did the best cake cutting I have ever seen and then a quick night shot outside.

Ceremony and Reception venue: CASO 

DJ: Music Central

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Winter Wedding Photography London Ontario

Winter Wedding Photography London Ontario

I met with a lovely couple today who have their end of fall/coming into winter wedding booked with me and we were talking about the schedule of the day and how it is impacted by the setting sun in the winter months. It got me thinking that I should do a post with a few of the things I mentioned to them.

For winter weddings, I always recommend a first look, this means we can capture your genuine emotions right up close with one another, and you are able to do the photographs in the sun, without having to make your ceremony too early. However, I think it is completely up to the couple as to if this is something they want to do and this lovely wedding of Laura and Ryan back in Feburary 2015 still hasn’t been blogged and I thought it was a great one for demonstrating a great winter wedding schedule for couples who don’t want to see each other before the ceremony for a first look.

Laura and Ryan met online and I could just tell by the way they look and laugh with each other that they are a perfect match! We captured their final getting ready moments and 1pm ceremony at the Village Green Community Church, after their ceremony and receiving line we captured many groupings of friends and family which was of course helped by the detailed shot list. We captured these, and some of the wedding party underneath an arch that the couple had set up, it is a very good idea to have an indoor option in the colder months for these types of photographs. Clara and I then headed with the wedding party to Civic Gardens for some winter wonderland photographs. It was quite a cold day so didn’t spend too much time outside, but we were still able to get a large variety by divide and conquering, which we were able to do as there were two photographers. We all then headed to the London Ukraninian Centre for their reception surrounded by many of their family and friends.  Their reception kicked off around 530 and we captured all the important moments- all the way until we heard the cha cha slide 🙂


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Bucket List 2017

I’m feeling more inspired than ever after attending the WPPI photography conference in Las Vegas this month and after watching countless online webinars. I’ve decided to put out into the universe my bucket list of shoots I want to do this year both here in London, Ontario and Internationally.

  1.  Photograph a wedding in the UK/Ireland/Europe. I really want to finish travelling in Europe and would love to photograph a wedding there. The off season here is Nov-April and so I’m hoping for anytime in there and I would be happy to work within budgets for the great couples/right locations. Here are some shots from the last wedding I photographed in that neck of the woods 5 years ago now! Wedding Photography Kent England-

    2. I would like to photograph more adult cake smashes. These sessions are perfect for 19th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th etc birthdays and if a 100yo was willing to do one I would be willing to do it for free! With these sessions you get to have some ‘regular portraits’ whether that be some business headshots, beauty shots, family, couple, pet etc, then we can come up with a theme based around your interests. It’s my 30th Birthday this year (you can see a pic below taken by my associate photographer Clara, on my 28th birthday) so to celebrate every adult cake smash will receive a free 8×10 cake smash collage print.
    adult cake smash

3. Along with wanting to finish travelling in Europe, I have never travelled to the west coast of Canada so would love to photograph a wedding or elopement out in all of the gorgeous landscapes I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing in photographs. Again, I would be happy to work make a custom package for a great couple 🙂

4. I would love to photograph a pregnant pin up shoot. I think the pin up sessions are so much fun and would love to capture a lovely pregnant mom with full vintage style pin up hair and makeup. I’d be more than happy to work with you on themes that would work to your tastes and click for more info on the Pin Up Photography London Ontario.

pin up photography

5. Engagement or family session for big fans of Harry Potter in Goderich this fall. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I know that there are some big Harry Potter fans here in South Western Ontario, so I would love to photograph a session in Goderich when the festival is on. I wasn’t able to get tickets but I will be on the lookout for them and I’m sure that some of the surrounding area will get into the spirit and will make for a great backdrop.

6. Engagement session at the Western Fair at sunset/night. Below you can see the last session I photographed there, 4 years ago this year! I would love to have some fun there again using my new equipment and knowledge.

7.  Forrats chocolate fondu engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. If you’re a chocoholic like me and haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Forrats in Byron yet, I highly recommend you do and I would love to capture some sweet love while you enjoy a date night (and maybe start across the road for some photographs at Springbank Park as well, for variety.)

8. London to London family/ engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. I have had this idea since moving to ‘Little London’ and would like to find the right people who either have a love of ‘Big London’ or are from England, or some kind of ties to both. The session would take us to a bunch of the London locations such as the double decker bus for Ice Cream and we might end up at a pub, with many other stops in between.

9. Trash the Prom or Bridesmaid Dress group session Do you and your friends still have your prom dresses laying around gathering dust? Maybe that has been awhile but you have bridesmaids dresses that you thought you might wear again but haven’t. I think it would make for such a fun shoot to get together with a bunch of your friends, maybe pamper yourself beforehand with getting hair and makeup, then have fun doing a friends shoot, but getting edgier with with in a fun location and possibly even trashing the dresses in the water, mud, snow or with paint or glitter!

10. Australia I would love to get home in Australian summer 2017/18 or 2018/19 so would love to book a wedding to photograph while I’m there with the exchange rate being right around even my rates are very affordable by Aussie standards.

Central Coast NSW Wedding Photographer


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Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you

I usually hear the title of this blog in relation to weightloss, but I think it also totally relates to business. I was recently inspired by Light.co’s Pinterest board to write this post. As the maker of the L16 compact camera says,  “Just as cameras have evolved quite a bit over the years, so do the styles and techniques of the photographers who use them. We find this fascinating, and would like to hear about your journey. On your blog, you could share one of your first photographs from early in your career, and compare it with one of your most recent. What’s improved, and how has your style changed over time?”

I thought I would show how much I have improved in a few different types of session in the past few years.

Newborn Photography: 2011/2016. I had photographed newborns at the studios I had worked at in Australia and Canada previous to this shot in 2011 but I didn’t get to keep the images as I was working for other companies. The 2011 image was captured at the clients house, the 2016 image at my studio in South London, Ontario and that has made a huge difference in my work but I can see so many improvements including the lighting, pose, patience waiting for the baby to sleep and the editing.

Wedding Photography 2011/2016, both captured on the same bridge at Springbank Park. I think the equipment used is a huge difference here- 2011 was taken with a Canon 30D and 17-85mm, to the 2016 5dmk3 with the 85mm 1.2. Beyond the equipment though I think the pose, lighting, and creative angle have all improved.


trash the dress london ontario

Trash the dress 2011/2016, both captured at Rock Glen falls in Arokona, the 2011 was my first ever Trash the dress and you can see I had the right idea with a slower shutter speed to capture the water flowing but you can really see in the 2016 image what I had been going for, adding a tripod and additional off camera lighting made a big difference and also better editing.


I think it is important to see how far you’ve come with anything you’ve been working on, have you done this lately? What did you find?


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Best of 2016: Trash the dress

London Ontario Trash The Dress Photographer

Below you will see some of my favourite images captured in 2016 of Trash the Dress sessions. I only had the chance to photograph three trash the dress/rock the dress sessions in 2016, one with the paint was at the photography conference I went to in St Louis and two at the Rock Glen falls in Arkona, which to my knowledge are the closest pretty falls to London. There are a bunch of reasons why I think doing a Trash the Dress session are a great idea, but I know they aren’t for everyone.

With these sessions safety is the most important thing to me and I always make sure my clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the shoot- although if you’ve chosen to do a shoot in the cold water, I can’t help the temperature but we can be quick about getting the shots we need. I always ask how adventurous you feel like getting- everything from throwing paint on it and ripping it to being able to get the dress dry cleaned after to be able to treasure.

To kick off the new year I thought I would put together a series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2016. You can catch up on the previous posts below-

Best of 2016: Mini sessions
Best of 2016: Business Headshots and Model Portfolios
Best of 2016: Pet Photography
Best of 2016: Maternity Photography
Best of 2016: Newborn Photography
Best of 2016: Cake Smash Photography
Best of 2016: Family Photography
Best of 2016: Boudoir Photography
Best of 2016: Pin Up Photography
Best of 2016: Engagement Photography
Best of 2016: Wedding Photography
Best of 2016: Candid Wedding Moments
Best of 2016: Wedding Parties


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Wedding tips: What I learnt from my wedding (Photography by Applehead Studio)

Wedding tips: What I learnt from my wedding (Photography by Applehead Studio)

7 months has now past since Cameron & I tied the knot on Carters Beach- a beautiful white sandy beach on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, then reception at White Point. Don’t the photographs look like they were taken at a caribbean destination wedding! I thought as so many people get engaged in the winter months that now might be a good time for me to write this blog. I have given a lot of this advice to couples who have met with me for booking their wedding photography but this is the first time you’ll see it all written down and photographs shared from my own wedding!

  1. Book a wedding photographer you trust
    All of the photographs in this post were taken by the wonderful Liam & Steph from Applehead Studio Photography based in Halifax, NS. The most often asked question through all of my planning and I even still get asked about it now was, ‘As a wedding photographer yourself, how to your choose a wedding photographer for your own wedding’ My answer generally went something like this- ‘That was the easiest part of wedding planning, I had followed Applehead’s work since I had worked at a lab in Halifax which printed photographs for him and every photograph was amazing, as has been every photograph post to their facebook/instagram pages. One of my catchphrases may as well be ‘Hey Cameron, check out this amazing photograph Applehead has post’. I have looked up to his work for years and was so happy to have been able to get them to photograph our wedding.
  2. Get a wedding planner
    As I work in the wedding industry and we had 2 years to plan the wedding I thought that I would be able to do it all myself. One of the things I regret is not getting a wedding planner to help me to find a makeup artist (see the next point) and to help with set up/day of co-ordination. Having the wedding in NS meant I was starting from scratch for vendors, I often joke that if we had got married here in London that I could have planned the wedding in a weekend as I know all of the amazing local vendors. I did all the fun stuff first which is what I always recommend such as finding the dress and going cake tasting. Many of the things in this post will would have been helped if we had a planner and I truly believe it would have really helped with stress levels. One of the things you will hear me say every morning from now on for every wedding I photograph will be ‘do you have your lipstick’ as that was forgotten, along with my birdcage veil which we were going to use for photos. I haven’t mentioned yet but I was maid of honour only 1 month before my big day as well as organizing everything for out of town guests and also running my business. At one point I actually had my first ever panic attack (while driving) and I’m usually one of the most level headed, stress free people that there is. So, get a wedding planner!
  3. Have trials
    Organizing a wedding out of province has many difficulties,  including which vendors to book but the main difficulty I had with was finding a great makeup artist. I had 2 trials before I ended up booking a makeup artist who was a bit more expensive, but much better quality of work. My advice is that if something doesn’t feel right, don’t settle! I had a wonderful hair stylist Shannon who I also had a trial with but knew she would do a great job so luckily only had to do the one trial to book that!
  4. Leave more time than you think for getting ready
    Our makeup artist ended up being 45 mins late because of construction but she still did an amazing job as we had left more than enough time. We left around 10 mins late and that brings me to the next point.
  5. Whatever time you want the ceremony to start, put an earlier time on the invitations. 
    I was determined to not be late to the ceremony as I know that means it will cut into photography time. As the makeup artist had run late I just grabbed my jewellery and put it on in the car so that we were there within minutes of the ceremony start time. With only 40 guests I really didn’t think that anyone would run late but there were 4 car loads full of people pull up after us (including the grooms father, grandmother and other VIP’s) so their first look of me was holding up my dress in the car park. Classy.
  6. Do a rehearsal and meet your officiant 
    We went to the beach the night before, just with the wedding party and did a quick run through, but again with the difficulties of planning from afar, we hadn’t met our officiant or run through our ceremony beforehand. This meant that we forgot that we were going to get a crowd participation thing- instead of getting everyone to say ‘we will’ we were going to get everyone to ‘tie the knot’ with us and collect the knots to keep in a jar, but we forgot all about that. Our officiant also mixed our names up so at the all important ‘I do’ part of the ceremony Cameron and Erin became ‘Carin’.. which ended up being a hashtag and a funny story.. Also funny was that my ring wouldn’t go on my finger so I just licked it and made him finish putting my gorgeous custom made/vintage inspired on.
  7. Have a shot list for your photographer of the friend and family groups. 
    I had emailed this list to our photographers but, me being me, I also had it saved on my phone.  Having a list of all of these groups and doing the friend and family groups straight after the ceremony while everyone is still fresh (which for all of our aussies and east coasters of course meant before they started drinking) made it much easier than trying to grab people to do photos like this at the reception. I went into wedding photog hulk mode running the show for quickly grabbing all of the friend and family groups we wanted. I actually really hope that there is some video of that!
  8. Get a videographer for the important moments of the day
    I had originally thought that I would just get one of the groomsmen to set up my camera at the ceremony and at the speeches, the two moments that I knew I would want audio of. When I mentioned this to my friend Arthur when we were at a photography conference last year he was willing (even with a wife at home who was 8 months pregnant) to come out to NS and capture those moments for us which you can see here in the trailer. Arthur and I love working together on weddings so he offers a special package to all of my clients, send me an email if you’re interested!
  9. Uncle Bob
    This is somewhat of an industry term for the family member at the wedding who has their camera in the way of shots. We literally had 2 Bobs-my uncle Bob and my dad Bob being there, I only really remember this one time (photograph below which is my hurry-up-and-take-this-picture-of-us-doing-our-speech-then-sit-back-in-your-seat smile) that they got in the way. I am all for unplugged weddings but it’s also not really my style, when I’m a guest at a wedding, I want my own photographs to remember the day by so I personally didn’t do unplugged.(Photograph by the man that gave me my first camera- my Dad)
  10. Do things in your style/ to fit your personality. 
    Everything about our wedding was our style, the beach, the location of the photos was where Cam proposed, the sand ceremony was combining sand from the beach we were married on and sand from my local beach in Australia, his groom gift being a boudoir/pin up mix album, my ritchie dog ring bearer (you may recognize him from my arm tattoo), despite our height difference I still wore 3 of my fave pairs of flat Toms including a custom painted Up! inspired pair, relaxed vintage quilt seating on the beach, walking down the aisle and dancing our first dance to Hanson (my fave band), our entry into the reception song being a DMX anthem (we’re both big rap/hip hop fans), having Cards Against Humanity for everyone who didn’t want to dance. Personalized DIY details which were driven across the county like the lego mini figure seat chart, various other decor and signs including the sign which had how many kms and what locations our guests had travelled from by Lily Lane Decor and items from Lavish Events by Design, the Brooch and seashell bouquets and sand dollar boutineers, thrifted vintage/kitchy/nautical themed centerpeices and tea cup and hand-painted sugar cookie favours by Thats all she baked. Everything pink including the tulle added to my dress by Krystyna’s Alterations and the belt from Once Upon a Time Wedddings. Being thrifty is also very ‘us’ so by having the wedding on a monday- some vendors (including me) will give discounts if your wedding is on a day other than saturday.

    I always say that people remember 3 things about weddings-
    The food ours was fine, I couldn’t eat much as my dress was so tight- I literally had bruises on my ribs for 2.5 weeks from the boning in the dress.
    The weather usually that time of year in NS it is an overcast 18 degrees and we got a sunny 26- we all got sunburnt so that’s another piece of advice, bring sunscreen!
    How much fun they had our DJ literally had to be shut down by the venue as our guests kept wanting to dance past 1am on a monday night! The fun part also covers having those nearest and dearest there for the big day.
    But I think there are always going to be some other memorable moments which, when captured by the photographer will mean so much more in years to come-
    Getting dropped in the first dance when you go into a dip

    Slideshow and secret recorded messages from best friends that weren’t able to be there

    First look with dad


    Stopping for ice cream during the photos (This actually was the inspiration for my ice cream tattoo)

    Timewarp interlude with father and daughter dance


Balancing very precariously on a rock by the freezing Atlantic Ocean for full moon night photos

Again, all of our beautiful photographs were captured by Applehead Studio Photography!

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