Civic Gardens Engagement Photographer

Civic Gardens Engagement Photographer

I’m off to photograph this fun couple’s wedding today, here are their engagement photos captured back in May at Civic Gardens which is always a favourite of mine as it has such great variety of backgrounds. I love how much fun they have together and fun sense of humor- just check out their answers below and you’ll see what I mean!

We met through a phone app called Badoo that Garth had purposefully downloaded and Cher downloaded on a whim because her sister was using it to make new friends. Cher almost ignored Garth’s like of her profile because he had an earring. (“Soooo superficial!” ~Garth).

Garth’s first thoughts – “She’s quiet and cautious and nervous.” Cher’s first thoughts – “He’s not as tall or muscular as I thought he’d be.”

Cher’s version!: Garth had always teased me about picking bouquets from private gardens and I, of course, always refused and would walk away from him so I couldn’t be blamed as an accomplice. On the day he proposed, we had decided to go for a walk in a park. Garth kept searching for flowers with no success. I kept pointing out the few wild flowers we came across along the path and he’d say, “No. That’s not right”. FINALLY, we came to a bunch of gardens outside a museum and he pointed out a few of the prettiest ones. I agreed they were pretty, but was very confused why he seemed to care so much about the flowers. We went and sat on a bench nearby and chatted for a few minutes before getting up to head back to the car. As we walked back past the gardens, Garth teased about picking a flower for me and I walked away as I always did. Usually he always followed quickly, but this time he didn’t. This time, I turned around and he was still by the flowers. I walked back to him to ask what he was doing. He pointed at a flower and asked, “What do you think of this flower?” I looked down to see the ring sitting perfectly on a bright, blue cornflower. The blue sapphire blended with the flower as the sun sparkled off the diamonds on either side of it. I looked back at Garth as he said, “You can have that flower if you marry me.” I looked silently at him as he said, “Would this make it better?” and got down on one knee. “Yes, I’ll marry you!” We embraced and he said, “I wanted to find the perfect flower because you are my butterfly and butterflies are attracted to flowers.” Heart melt! Garth’s version: Once upon a time in a province far, far away, while in a park, I wanted to find the right flower that would camouflage the stone of the ring so Cher would not notice at first. Cher always tells me that she would never accept a flower if I pick it from a garden. So, being sneaky, I placed the ring on a blue cornflower and Cher about the flower. If she says yes, she can have the flower. Guess she really wanted the flower! After all, butterflies love flowers.

Garth – First picture we ever took of the two of us because it is a reminder of the day we spend together after going to church together for the first time. Cher – Making it through “basic training” inspired workouts for 4 weeks as a couple and going out for sushi on the second last day of training as a reward for all the hard work.

Garth – How she’s blossoming into the real her. Cher – His “crazy” ideas for how to accomplish goals and tasks.

Garth – As a celebration of happiness, kindness, love, and understanding. Cher – As beautiful, bold, fun, and very “us”.

Garth says, “On the walls!”

Because your description of how you approach a wedding day made me tear up when I read it. And because I connected with you as booth neighbours at the London Bridal Expo.

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Four Seasons London Ontario Wedding Photography

Four Seasons London Ontario Wedding Photography

Ashley and Matt’s wedding doesn’t seem like a year ago but it is very fast approaching that time! A seriously sweet couple I’ll never forget the moment when Ashley was saying goodbye to her chocolate Lab when the pet sitter came to pick her up as it was an emotional moment- but certainly not the only one throughout the day! Here is the album that I designed for them using all of their favourite images from the day. I love showing the blogs in this way as it shows images that I often would overlook but that are meaningful to the couple.
The videographers In the Moment Productions that Ashley and Matt hired did a wonderful job, check out the video here-

Hair and makeup: Charles and Co
Ceremony location: St Thomas Holy Angels
Reception location: Four Points London Ontario
Decor: Patzees’s
Wedding Planner: Day 2 Knight events

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Port Stanley Photographer

Port Stanley Photographer

Natasha and Chad tied the knot on saturday so usually I would try to get the engagement blog up for the big day but with moving it made it a little harder to get done than normal but better late than never! I really loved this engagement session starting at Little Beach in Port Stanley starting off with some romantic shots and some candids, then heading over to main beach to catch the sunset with Chad’s amazing Harley! Love working with big props like this, especially when it makes the photos so much more personalized. After a change of clothes we heading down onto the beach to capture some blue jays themed pics with their personalized jerseys.

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Civic Gardens Complex Wedding Photography

Civic Gardens Complex Wedding Photography

Emma and Eric were married on a very hot friday last summer in an outdoor ceremony overlooking Civic Gardens. I captured some of the guys getting ready then headed to the girls getting ready at Idlewyld. We took some formal shots of family and of their wedding party then focused on candid for the speeches and rest of the night, ending with some un lit up night shots and sparkler send off.

Planning: Unmistakably you

Venue: Civic Gardens Complex

Catering: Culinary Catering 

Officiant: Moira Bell


Flowers: Forest of Flowers, Wellington and Southdale 

Hair: Scizzorhands 


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LGBTQ Wedding Photography Ontario

LGBTQ Wedding Photography Ontario

It seems fitting that Juan and Trevor’s 1st anniversary is this week, Pride Week here in London Ontario. After their engagement session being one of my faves ever, I knew that their wedding would be great, especially as Dan of Day 2 Knight events was doing the planning and co-ordination. Juan got ready and played golf with the groomsmen and Trevor got ready with the bridesmaids. The personalized travel theme that was incorporated into the day was really well done and the outdoor ceremony and photographs around Forest City National Golf Club worked really well, I especially loved when we could hear a plane coming in and I just yelled at the wedding party to run down the hill and right when they all ran together the plane came over and it was perfect! We were able to go outside for both sunset and night photos and one of their guests was the best sparkler writer ever! Check out their real wedding album below- all of the photos are what they chose to be part of their professional printed album.

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Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Niki and Kyle get married today and I’m so excited to see them and their dogs again! They had lots of fun ideas and outfit changes (very brave in the super cold- actually snowing during some of the session). Kyle popped the question on Pelee Island so it was great to see the wine glasses from there being incorporated (they were my inspiration for going there for our 1st anniversary). This winter session was photographed at Fanshawe Conservation. I always love Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario- including pets in the engagement photos and it’s a good idea to book your winter shoot early in the season in case we need to reschedule it until we get a day with beautiful snow like this!

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Four Points Sheraton Wedding Photography London Ontario

Four Points Sheraton Wedding Photography London Ontario

Excited to share Cally and Steve’s wedding from right around a year ago. I had am amazing time photographing their engagement session and had photographed Steve’s cousin’s wedding the year before so knew it was going to be a great one! It was photographed mostly at Four Points by Sheraton where the girls got ready, had the ceremony outside under the gazebo and where their gatsby themed reception was held. They both play baseball so photographing some of their formal shots at Dreamers Baseball and then some at Civic Gardens, all while on a yellow school bus in 40 degree heat, everyone were really good about the heat though and as Cally was a big Pokemon Go fan we also did Pokemon go screenshot wedding photos and our take on the  Jurassic Park shot. After some emotional speeches and night shots we captured a bunch of candids including some epic dance floor shots!

Cake: Melrose Bakery

Suits: Collins

Hair: Beauty by Mallory

Makeup: Darling makeup and hair

DJ: 2 fine DJS

Decorations: Simply white weddings

Flowers: Springhill

Custom hanger: Custom bridal accessories by Jenn aka the hanger lady

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Business name change announcement- Woodgate Photography

Woodgate Photography


For a few years I had been wishing that I had named my business something other than my name so that I could have other photographers work for me. Back in August last year I decided to not let the name hold me back and to have Clara (my trusted second shooter of now almost 4 years) book weddings and other portraits sessions as part of my business. We found it a little bit confusing for clients to be booking with ‘Clara of Erin Woodgate Photography’ so made the decision to drop the ‘Erin’ from my business name. Around that time, I had shot a couple of weddings with Alana and thought she would work perfectly with our team. The Woodgate Photography team was complete, now just to change the name!

The Woodgate Photography team- Alana, Erin and Clara.

It sounds like a simple task but to this point has proven to have taken a lot more time than I had anticipated. Just changing the logo alone was a huge task, thank you to Abigail from PaperCloud for putting up with me!  It was hard to let go of my logo that I have had for almost 7 years that I made myself, but now has a level brand recognition in the area- I always love when I am at a bridal show and have people come to our booth saying, ‘I know your logo, you must have shot one of my friends weddings!’ The new logo certainly looks more modern and more of a team business logo that just a solo gal with her camera. We’ve come a long way in those 7 years- a couple of things I’m not going to miss about the old logo- I am actually holding a polaroid camera, as I only had one DSLR and it had to be taking the photo! I also only had socks on so you can really see my big toes poking out lol! I’m happy to be keeping the name Woodgate running as soon my last name will be all changed and it is a great tie to my maiden name and my Dad’s side of the family- he gave me my first camera and his father was actually a photographer in WWII.

Woodgate PhotographyOur ‘why’


So where to from here- you will be seeing more and more of Clara and Alana’s faces around here and in instagram stories. We will have more availability so if I am already booked for a certain date Clara or Alana will be able to be there for you at the time that suits you best. Other than that you likely wont see much change, Clara will continue to help with some of the editing, I’ll continue to run all communication with clients, social media and other not as fun business stuff (eg taxes- eww).

I’m excited to have this new chapter of my business on the way- still to change the wording everywhere, watermarks on photos and the domain of the website but all of that will need to wait until there aren’t quite so many weddings in the edit list, just this past weekend alone the Woodgate Photography team added 4 to the list, a great sign of things to come!

All team photos by Hatt Photography

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