Cake Smash

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Cake Smash London Ontario

A special birthday session can be made even more special by finishing it off with a Cake Smash! Typically done for the first birthday, my cake smash sessions usually start with some shots of the family, then some special shots in a couple of outfits (perfect time to get special shots wearing some cute clothes family gave you) of the birthday person. Then after all the cute smiles have been captured comes time for the cake smash! Prepare to get messy and have collage wm2lots of expressions captured to be cherished. Here are some things to keep in mind for your Cake Smash London Ontario session.


Selecting a location for a Cake Smash session generally comes down to 2 options- ‘In Studio’ which is as simple as it sounds and ‘On location’ which can be a location of your choice be it your own backyard, a park or a variety of other fun ideas.

Time of day

The best time of day for a cake smash is when the birthday person is happiest around naps.


Colours will depend on season but in general we recommend not to be too matchy-matchy but certainly colour co-ordinate and be aware of not wearing clashing patterns. If you have chosen a rustic country location don’t wear super formal clothing that you might wear in a studio. We recommend not to wear any slogan tshirts or any really ‘fad’ fashion as it will age your portraits and most of all wear something that fits well and you are comfortable in.


Props for these sessions can be a great idea, anything from a simple blanket for an outdoor cake smash to an elaborate background and set for a studio cake smash. We love working with themes so if there is a certain theme that would go well with the décor in your home or goes with the theme of the birthday party then make sure to chat with me about how we can bring that into your session.

What to do with the images

Now, you’ve had this wonderful experience and have a bunch of images that are super-sweet (pun intended), you don’t want these images looked at once digitally and then buried under the mountain of food and pet pics! We really love making special collages for cake smash shoots, otherwise making a special print or a professional album can be a great way to preserve the photos and also make great gifts!.Cake Smash Photography London Ontario

Other tips-

–  If supplying your own cake be sure not to leave it in the fridge for the icing to harden, you want it to be able to be smashed!

– Nothing is worse than a sick or tired birthday boy or girl so if this happens chat to me as soon as there are any signs so that rescheduling the session can be a possibility.

– We have lots of tricks for getting lovely smiles but if there is a certain toy or song that gets great smiles be sure to bring that along. Also bringing small treats they like that we can push into the cake if they dont like it so it looks like they are smashing it is a good idea.


Cake Smash pricing starts at $150+hst



Special Cake Smash package
1 hour session
On location/In Studio
15 edited high resolution images
Custom professional cake
All props supplied
8x10 collage print

Cake Smash Testimonial

Erin took my sons 1st birthday cake smash photos. We absolutely loved them. She captured his fun loving personality in each photo. We especially liked our custom collage she created of the cake smash. She is wonderful with children. Very creative and not afraid to act a little silly to get a smile out little ones during uncooperative times. We will certainly continue to use Erin for our special moments.

collage wm Ask me about my Pup-cake and Adult cake smash packages.

adult cake smash london ontario