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Photobooth London Ontario

We have a variety of options for a photobooth which are usually offered as an added extra to Wedding Photography coverage but also offered for other events such as corporate events, Christmas parties, stag and does etc.

All options include photographer, your choice of colour of background and large variety of props.

_G8A06161. Digital package

Photographer captures images of your guests enjoying themselves in an open air photobooth. Digital images are uploaded within 48 hours to a private gallery for your guests to view and share. Prices start at $250+hst for 1 hour including all high resolution digital images.

2. Instant package

Includes everything in ‘Digital package’ as well as an instant photo on credit card sized polaroid-type film which can be given to your guests or can be saved to be put into an album. Prices start at $500+hst which includes 2 hours coverage, all high resolution files and 100 instant prints.

3. DIY packagePaula and Colin Wedding-1354

Do your guests love taking selfies? This package includes a device which prints from a smartphone to a polaroid-type film printer as well as includes everything in ‘Digital package’. Have the look of instant but you are able to perfect that selfie first! Prices start at $600+hst, all high resolution files and 150 instant prints.  An ‘unattended’ version of this package is available, inquire for details.