Pin Up

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Pin Up Photography London Ontario

Deciding to do a Pin Up photography session could be prompted by a special occasion like an anniversary, a gift for your partner on the wedding day or Valentine’s Day. It could also be for milestones like a weight loss, pregnancy or birthday but what to keep in mind is that one simple reason goes above all of this, you deserve to feel and show how beautiful and unique you are and have it captured in a comfortable and empowering way. Pin Up has a more cheeky, vintage vibe to the session compared to Boudoir, but can still be just as sexy. Here are some things to keep in mind for your Pin Up session. 


Pin Up sessions are generally done at our studio so that we have access to all of the props or for a less prop based shoot ‘On location’ could be a good option.

Time of day

If you are doing the Pin Up session as a surprise for someone the obvious thing to think about is when you would be able to take the few hours and not have it be suspicious. I personally like the idea of making a calendar of the photographs so I will often run pin up days before Christmas and around Valentine’s Day so as to make a years worth of themes.

Hair and Makeup

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a high quality hair and makeup artist for your Pin Up session. A professional will be able to bring out your features and will know how to apply the makeup so that it will look good on camera.  Fake tanner is a personal choice but we recommend not to use it unless you have had a trial run and know how your skin reacts to it, nothing worse than having to have the whole shoot in black and white because you don’t like the colour of your skin! Don’t forget about your nails. What better way to start to feel relaxed and confident than a trip to your favourite nail salon!


We supply some clothing and depending on the themes you would like to do will determine what other clothing you would need to bring to the session.

Themes / Props

Pin Up sessions are much more prop oriented than boudoir sessions. We have a list of available themes and if you have any particular ideas in mind we are happy to try to make those come to life for you.

What to do with the images

Now, you’ve had this wonderful experience and have a bunch of images that you feel beautiful in, you don’t want these images looked at once digitally and then buried under the mountain of food and pet pics! Make a special print, calendar or a ‘Little Black Book’ Album.

Other tips-

–  Bring some music that makes you feel sexy and can have fun with.

– Be sure to be hydrated by drinking lots of water for a few days ahead of your shoot and moisturize.

– Eat before your session so that you have the energy to be able to smile with your eyes and show off your wonderful personality.

– You can do it!

Pin Up pricing starts at $250+hst