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Civic Gardens Wedding Photography

Civic Gardens Wedding Photography

Ashley and Adam are no strangers to the wedding industry, he is a DJ and she has modeled gowns in bridal shows before, so they decided that as they wanted to be married on their dating-anniversary, but didn’t want to wait for years for that to come around to being a saturday, that they would marry on a tuesday. They knew that the day of the week doesn’t matter, the people who matter most will make sure that they can get the time off work! They also planned their wedding in a very short amount of time, booking me just one month before the big day, another reason why doing a weekday is a good idea. Their gorgeous daughter lit up the room (and photos) and there is a couple of shots where which show why it is so important to have 2 photographers for your ceremony, showing the different angles which really captured the emotions. The big wedding party was awesome with the snowy cold weather and I just loved the functional and fun centerpieces. Their guests partied on and I loved capturing the moments of the speeches, first dances, cake cutting and bouquet and garter tosses. Civic gardens complex was the perfect venue for this cold outside but warm inside wedding!

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Elopement photography London Ontario

Elopement photography London Ontario

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings at City Hall now but this was my first ever elopement photography London Ontario. With only the brides children there to witness, Michelle and Peter had a very intimate ceremony overlooking the snow covered grounds. I felt very privileged to be there to capture this emotion filled union and I loved capturing the little details and big moments- I especially loved where they were calling their nearest and dearest to let them in on the surprise. We made the formal portraits as candid as possible to capture their personalities and the Civic Gardens complex atrium was the perfect indoor location to escape the cold winter.


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Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario

Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario

As I am off today to photograph a pregnancy announcement session (the dad knows but we will be capturing it for them to announce to the rest of the world) I thought it was fitting to post this Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario blog from photographs taken a bit over a year ago. One of my previous wedding clients let me in on a secret, and I was there at Prince Alberts Diner to capture her telling her husband, in a very cute way, that she was pregnant. Now, as mentioned in the Proposal photography post, my task was made a bit harder in that the subject knew who I was so I tried to go incognito, this time as I knew I had to be inside, I took my fiance with me to make it look like we just also happened to be there on a date. I was recognized but told later that he didn’t suspect anything and I really don’t think that his reactions could be any more expressive! I felt making the images black and white made the expressions the main thing that draws your eye and I’m so excited to be photogaphing their little ones 6 month milestone next month (yes, I know I’m really far behind on blogs but I’ll get there 🙂

If you enjoyed this post, check out the other Pregnancy Announcement I photographed last year.

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Engagement party photography London Ontario

Engagement Party London Ontario

This was actually my first time photographing an engagement party and what an amazing one it was! We started off with doing a few posed engagement photos for the gorgeous couple and I was really excited to post this blog just to show the variety that I can capture in a short amount of time in one location. We had one very nice shady weeping willow tree and in 12 minutes we captured the first set of images you see here, and more, these were just my favorites! The wonderful decor was by the wonderful Elena of Lavish Events by Design – Wedding Decorator and I loved capturing all of the candids including the ring blessing ceremony, cutting the cake and all the wonderful dancing. We took many posed photographs of the newly engaged couple with their friends and family and I just love the shot of them where she is leaning on his shoulder towards the end of the day, they’re over the posed photos but you can still see the love and happiness between them. We then took a few more shots of the two of them with the gorgeous golden light. I would love to photograph more events around the wedding like engagement parties, stag and doe, showers etc so get in contact! Discounts apply if you book your wedding photography with me 🙂

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Proposal Photography Niagara Falls

Yahoo my first ever proposal shoot! I have been advertising and telling everyone I know all year that I want to photograph the real moment of the proposal and I was over the moon when Maurice, the lovely gentleman you see here, contacted me a few months back. We started planning the proposal photography and as I had done their family photos many times before I knew I was going to have to be sneaky/very inconspicuous about it. We arranged a meeting spot and I sat and waited in a bus stop so as to not be recognized. As I was waiting there for awhile on a very hot day I started chatting to a few people and they decided they were going to be my cover, so that when he gave me the thumbs up that he was ready they walked with me and from just across the street I managed to capture the moment for this lovely couple. We then had fun taking a few more shots around the Niagara Falls area.

Like anything that you are doing for the first time I learnt a lot that I will change and improve on for in the future. Looking forward to the next proposal and hopefully their wedding 🙂

Click the images below to view them larger and don’t forget to pin 🙂

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Documentary Wedding Photography London Ontario

Heather and Dougs wedding really was exactly what I love to photograph in a wedding- laid back, fun, slightly untraditional with lots of kids around and a lot of love!

Getting Ready Location: Travellodge London South
Ceremony/Reception Location: Tony’s Banquet Hall
Decorator- Petals and Pots
DJ- Todd Lundy
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London Ontario Family Photography

This was my first shoot I did after moving back to London in September. Avelyn is growing into such a gorgeous lady, not that she hasn’t always been- I did her Newborn and 6 month shoot so now it is just like reuniting with old friends whenever we get together. This session had more of a lifestyles photography feel to it as it was mainly around their house, with a quick trip to a nearby park as well. I love shooting like this as it feels more like a photo-documentary rather than a portrait session staged with a background. I’m looking forward to having some fun in he snow this winter!

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Aday (in the sunshine)

I somehow came across the aday project and luckily the weather was so beautiful so I definitely made the most of May 15th! 
Checked out some Hanson video’s and drooled over the new merchandise

Left the boyfriend at home to deal with the Diablo frenzy

$6 double Margaritas!

Gorgeous walk through our old hood

This is pretty typical of me, finding random things on the ground.

Not a threatening cloud in the sky!

Walk down by the waterfront

Dandelions are everywhere!

Love this little stumble of a trail to my friends place 

Again with finding the random stuff on the ground, this time on the bus!

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Sydney Royal Easter Show

So I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog in recent times, main excuses being- working in the studio where I’m unable to share my work online and also writing a lot of articles over on Lomography. I thought I’d share some street photography type photos I took a couple of years ago at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I wish I was going this year as it’s always a good time but we’ll have to see.. 

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Marylin Monroe shoot

Around Marylin Monroe’s birthday this year I saw a slideshow of photos taken by Magnum photographers of when she was on set at some of her movies and more kind of documentary style photos of her which I loved and was really inspired to so some photos inspired by her. I found the perfect model in Elisa, beauty spot and all, and we hit the park a few weeks ago to have some fun in my Marylin dress and pin up style bathing suit. This shoot is the start to my series that I will be starting to do, inspired by young dead celebrities. Stay tuned this week for London, Ontario’s James Dean.

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