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Vintage car engagement photography Exeter Ontario

Back in the spring I had the pleasure of photographing Cecelia and Rob’s  engagement session in her parents yard with his fathers vintage car. Cecelia and Rob met when Cecelia was working the upholstery of the 1926 Willys Knight with suicide doors. We had fun with using some more dramatic light and having a Bonnie & Clyde inspired shots with the vintage guns.


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Winter Engagement Session Ontario

Winter Engagement Session Ontario

Susie and Geoff tie the knot today and I’m excited to spend the day with this fun loving couple!

Tell us the story of how the two of you met.
Back in 2014, Susie and Geoff were both pretty happy, but they both wanted someone special to share their happinesses with. Geoff thought that he ought to get to know a girl he had recently met online.
Geoff asked her for a casual date – going out for a drink at Wink’s downtown London. Susie was excited. She walked there from her nearby apartment. Susie checked her reflection in each building window she passed by to make sure she still looked awesome. She did.
When she arrived, Geoff was standing outside waiting. What a great looking guy!
Their one drink took about 4 hours. They talked and talked. Needless to say, they hit it off. Both were soccer fans who enjoyed a good math puzzle and a good book. Geoff was also probably very impressed by Susie’s awesome puns. After many fun times dating, they decided they couldn’t handle the 5 minute drive from one another’s apartments – so they moved in together!
It was a wonderful idea, since they now had more time for puzzles, board games, and cooking together. A little while later, they decided that they wanted to continue this adventure – so one warm summer evening in Victoria Park, Geoff got down on one knee and popped the question. Susie said yes!
And here we are now, about to start a whole new chapter in this love story.

Tell me the proposal story (the long version is fine)
Longer version…

We went out for dinner downtown London last August at Waldo’s. After dinner we decided to go for a walk around Victoria park. This wasn’t an out of the ordinary thing for when we went downtown, so Susie had no suspicions about what would happen. Eventually, Geoff suggested we sit down on the bench for a bit. We were talking about the trip out east to Nova Scotia that we would be taking that week to meet some of Geoff’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. Geoff asked me, “should I introduce you as my girlfriend or… my fiance?” (so sweet). I didn’t quite catch on until Geoff got down on his knee with a ring. I said yes!

And then a couple who were out for a walk got so excited for us and they took our picture – it was great to have a photo of right when we got engaged.

What is your favourite memory together (other than those mentioned above)?
this is a hard one! Our top two would be our trip to Chicago last year and moving into our new house.

What do you love most about each other?
What Susie loves about Geoff – so much! I love that he is sweet and funny and likes puzzles. He cares about me and wants me to be happy and he cares about our families too.
What Geoff loves about Susie – that she is very unselfish and always puts her family and friends needs before hers.

How do you hope your friends and family see your wedding?
Relaxed, fun, and full of love

Why did you choose us?
We looked through the different wedding photos and your style stood out as something we could see ourselves in. When we met you, you also seemed very knowledge and easy to work with (and you are!).

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Old Court House Engagement Photography

Old Court House Engagement Photography

Back in February when we would expect to have snow on the ground, Clara photographed Sarah and Yusri and their pup at the lovely year round Old Court House and Ivey Park.

  • Yusri is a soccer referee. My sister Jessica (and maid of honour) is also a soccer referee. Jessica set us up on a blind date. We met at Demetre’s, a dessert cafe, in Thornhill, where I am from. (Yusri is born and raised in Toronto)
  • WOW lol. and to this day it is still WOW. He was perfect looking to me and still is. Although the day we met he had a huge twirly mustache He was competing in a mustache growing competition with his friends and had been growing his mustache for months.
  • Yusri and I were going to Jamaica with my family. Yusri and I have been together for 7 years so I kind of expected that on this trip he would propose. However, he decided to surprise me and propose before leaving. I was in the basement doing laundry, and had thrown my pants into the laundry, I walked up stairs and turned the corner to go into the kitchen and Yusri had music playing and flowers in his hand. His face looked hilarious as he noticed I wasn’t wearing any pants. He immediately asked if he should stop and give me a second to go get pants on but I had waited 7 years so I wasn’t going to wait any longer lol
  • Yusri and I are sports fans. A couple of times now we have done sport weekends. I always love doing those. We get away and get to go watch the teams we love. We went to Montreal once and saw a soccer game in the morning TFC vs. Impact and a Maple Leaf vs. Montreal hockey game in the evening.
  • Yusri will do anything to help a friend. He is also incredibly supportive. We were living in Toronto and I got a job opportunity in London. He encouraged me to take the job and followed me to London. He got a new job/home/city just to support me. He really pushes me to be the best I can be.
  • I just really want everyone to have fun. I really want it to be a good time filled with smiles and laughter.
  • A friend recommended you to us
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Civic Gardens Engagement Photographer

Civic Gardens Engagement Photographer

I’m off to photograph this fun couple’s wedding today, here are their engagement photos captured back in May at Civic Gardens which is always a favourite of mine as it has such great variety of backgrounds. I love how much fun they have together and fun sense of humor- just check out their answers below and you’ll see what I mean!

We met through a phone app called Badoo that Garth had purposefully downloaded and Cher downloaded on a whim because her sister was using it to make new friends. Cher almost ignored Garth’s like of her profile because he had an earring. (“Soooo superficial!” ~Garth).

Garth’s first thoughts – “She’s quiet and cautious and nervous.” Cher’s first thoughts – “He’s not as tall or muscular as I thought he’d be.”

Cher’s version!: Garth had always teased me about picking bouquets from private gardens and I, of course, always refused and would walk away from him so I couldn’t be blamed as an accomplice. On the day he proposed, we had decided to go for a walk in a park. Garth kept searching for flowers with no success. I kept pointing out the few wild flowers we came across along the path and he’d say, “No. That’s not right”. FINALLY, we came to a bunch of gardens outside a museum and he pointed out a few of the prettiest ones. I agreed they were pretty, but was very confused why he seemed to care so much about the flowers. We went and sat on a bench nearby and chatted for a few minutes before getting up to head back to the car. As we walked back past the gardens, Garth teased about picking a flower for me and I walked away as I always did. Usually he always followed quickly, but this time he didn’t. This time, I turned around and he was still by the flowers. I walked back to him to ask what he was doing. He pointed at a flower and asked, “What do you think of this flower?” I looked down to see the ring sitting perfectly on a bright, blue cornflower. The blue sapphire blended with the flower as the sun sparkled off the diamonds on either side of it. I looked back at Garth as he said, “You can have that flower if you marry me.” I looked silently at him as he said, “Would this make it better?” and got down on one knee. “Yes, I’ll marry you!” We embraced and he said, “I wanted to find the perfect flower because you are my butterfly and butterflies are attracted to flowers.” Heart melt! Garth’s version: Once upon a time in a province far, far away, while in a park, I wanted to find the right flower that would camouflage the stone of the ring so Cher would not notice at first. Cher always tells me that she would never accept a flower if I pick it from a garden. So, being sneaky, I placed the ring on a blue cornflower and Cher about the flower. If she says yes, she can have the flower. Guess she really wanted the flower! After all, butterflies love flowers.

Garth – First picture we ever took of the two of us because it is a reminder of the day we spend together after going to church together for the first time. Cher – Making it through “basic training” inspired workouts for 4 weeks as a couple and going out for sushi on the second last day of training as a reward for all the hard work.

Garth – How she’s blossoming into the real her. Cher – His “crazy” ideas for how to accomplish goals and tasks.

Garth – As a celebration of happiness, kindness, love, and understanding. Cher – As beautiful, bold, fun, and very “us”.

Garth says, “On the walls!”

Because your description of how you approach a wedding day made me tear up when I read it. And because I connected with you as booth neighbours at the London Bridal Expo.

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Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Niki and Kyle get married today and I’m so excited to see them and their dogs again! They had lots of fun ideas and outfit changes (very brave in the super cold- actually snowing during some of the session). Kyle popped the question on Pelee Island so it was great to see the wine glasses from there being incorporated (they were my inspiration for going there for our 1st anniversary). This winter session was photographed at Fanshawe Conservation. I always love Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario- including pets in the engagement photos and it’s a good idea to book your winter shoot early in the season in case we need to reschedule it until we get a day with beautiful snow like this!

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Winter Engagement Photography with Pets London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Pets London Ontario

So happy to bring you this engagement photography session photographed by Clara last year with Tia & Geoff who are tying the knot today! Incorporating pets into engagement sessions is one of our favourite things to do and just check out how beautiful the snow was that day- last winter we didn’t get many days like this! I think it is a great idea to have your engagement session photographed during a different season to your wedding, so that you have variety! It was photographed at the Old Court House, Ivey Park and Civic Gardens.

  • We met on an online dating site and started chatting on facebook. Turned out that we went to the same highschool, same university and even worked at the same restaurant at different times. We had a few mutual friends and decided to go on a date together. We went mini-golfing for our first date was super awkward but also so much fun! We were able to joke around about how meeting people from the internet can be scary, at the end of the date we both said “Well I guess your not a murderer we should do this again”
  • Tia: My first thought seeing Geoff was, damn this guys early! I’m usually the early one! Next was this guys looks like a really nice, he looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to get to know him a little more.
    Geoff: Is this the girl? Because it kind of looks like her but I don’t know for sure.
  • Geoff texted Tia when she was at work saying “Hey meet me and Scout (the dog) at Rockway Gardens (local park) on your way home from work we can go for a walk together. Tia was still in her uniform from work and stopped to grab an iced cap and iced coffee for Geoff. When she pulled up to the park she couldn’t see Geoff and Scout and called him, he said he was at the top of the hill. Tia called up to him and said she didn’t know how to get up he needed to come down for their walk (she didn’t know he was planning on proposing). When she made her way up to Geoff at the top of the hill he was asking how she felt about the park, if she thought it was nice (we were sitting on top of a mini waterfall). He then popped the question!! Tia hid behind Scout the dog shocked and so excited! Then out for fancy dinner to celebrate.
  • Why did you choose us
    I enjoyed the package. I liked that it had two photographers and included photography for the full day. I wanted to have photos of the girls getting ready, guys getting ready, people arriving at the wedding, ceremony, family photos, awesome photos captured at the reception. I was composed and traditional photos as well as fun and cheesie photos as well as embarrassing reception photos of course! The package appeared to cover all the bases. I enjoyed the two parent albums to give as gifts after the wedding and I of course enjoyed the album for us. It seemed like a well rounded package and I think photos are the second most important part of the wedding… besides the marriage of course!
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London Ontario engagement photographer

London Ontario Engagement Photographer

Tomorrow I’ll be photographing this sweet couple’s wedding! We photographed their engagement session last summer and they unfortunately had to push back their wedding but excited that the big day is here for them!

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Arva engagement photography

Arva Engagement Photography

I’m excited to be photographing Megan and Dave’s wedding today and it will certainly look very different outside today than it did this past winter when we photographed their session. We had lots of fun with piggy back rides and on the swings and we certainly were able to get a lot of variety out of this sweet little park in Arva which was chosen by the couple.

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