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Port Stanley Photographer

Port Stanley Photographer

Natasha and Chad tied the knot on saturday so usually I would try to get the engagement blog up for the big day but with moving it made it a little harder to get done than normal but better late than never! I really loved this engagement session starting at Little Beach in Port Stanley starting off with some romantic shots and some candids, then heading over to main beach to catch the sunset with Chad’s amazing Harley! Love working with big props like this, especially when it makes the photos so much more personalized. After a change of clothes we heading down onto the beach to capture some blue jays themed pics with their personalized jerseys.

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Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Niki and Kyle get married today and I’m so excited to see them and their dogs again! They had lots of fun ideas and outfit changes (very brave in the super cold- actually snowing during some of the session). Kyle popped the question on Pelee Island so it was great to see the wine glasses from there being incorporated (they were my inspiration for going there for our 1st anniversary). This winter session was photographed at Fanshawe Conservation. I always love Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario- including pets in the engagement photos and it’s a good idea to book your winter shoot early in the season in case we need to reschedule it until we get a day with beautiful snow like this!

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Arva engagement photography

Arva Engagement Photography

I’m excited to be photographing Megan and Dave’s wedding today and it will certainly look very different outside today than it did this past winter when we photographed their session. We had lots of fun with piggy back rides and on the swings and we certainly were able to get a lot of variety out of this sweet little park in Arva which was chosen by the couple.

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Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario

Danielle and Joseph are getting married today and it was fun to look back on these fun Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario which were photographed at Civic Gardens. This park really has so much variety and is nice year round! This lovely couple had never had photographs taken together before so I was so happy to be chosen as the one to capture this important time in their lives! Here is something new I am starting with my engagement session blogs, rather than me telling you their story, I thought it would be nice to start to get their story written straight by the couple. Check it out below!

We met online and eventually went for coffee and the rest is history.

Joe- Damn, nice hair
Danielle- His hair cut makes him look like a squire from the nights of old!

Went to Niagara Falls, this was the one of the first places we had gone together. Joe had a masterful plan. We hopped on the Swedish Ferris wheel. Once the Ferris Wheel is at the top Joe states, “Holy Shit Danielle whats that?” and points because Danielle is so gullible. Danielle looks back. Joe has the ring out and ready when Danielle looks back. Then asks the question, “Will You Marry Me?” Danielle states an obvious yes. We then play Dinosaur Mini Golf.

Joe- Love how sweet and soft She is. I love how nice Danielle is to people.
Danielle- I love how mature and clever Joseph is.


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Engagement Session Victoria Park London Ontario

Engagement Session Victoria Park London Ontario

This winter engagement photography session was very fun to photograph and just shows how much variety we can get in 1 hour!

Starting with some cute skating pics on the ice, then incorporating their love of hockey, we had to get to the ice rink at Victoria Park quite early in the morning to be sure there wouldn’t be too many other people around. After incorporating some fun props like hot chocolate we captured a few romantic pics and while we were busy taking the romantic pics, when we turned around to where we had left the hot chocolate on the ground we realized that one of the furry residents of Victoria Park had helped themselves to what was left in the cup. Everyone knows I love squirrels- I even have a woodland animals tattoo that has a squirrel in it so I was so happy when Amanda and Andrew were happy to walk slowly over to where the squirrel was to take photographs with him, but then we realized that he wasn’t as skittish as most would be and Amanda even had him come all the way over to her hand!

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Bucket List 2017

I’m feeling more inspired than ever after attending the WPPI photography conference in Las Vegas this month and after watching countless online webinars. I’ve decided to put out into the universe my bucket list of shoots I want to do this year both here in London, Ontario and Internationally.

  1.  Photograph a wedding in the UK/Ireland/Europe. I really want to finish travelling in Europe and would love to photograph a wedding there. The off season here is Nov-April and so I’m hoping for anytime in there and I would be happy to work within budgets for the great couples/right locations. Here are some shots from the last wedding I photographed in that neck of the woods 5 years ago now! Wedding Photography Kent England-

    2. I would like to photograph more adult cake smashes. These sessions are perfect for 19th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th etc birthdays and if a 100yo was willing to do one I would be willing to do it for free! With these sessions you get to have some ‘regular portraits’ whether that be some business headshots, beauty shots, family, couple, pet etc, then we can come up with a theme based around your interests. It’s my 30th Birthday this year (you can see a pic below taken by my associate photographer Clara, on my 28th birthday) so to celebrate every adult cake smash will receive a free 8×10 cake smash collage print.
    adult cake smash

3. Along with wanting to finish travelling in Europe, I have never travelled to the west coast of Canada so would love to photograph a wedding or elopement out in all of the gorgeous landscapes I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing in photographs. Again, I would be happy to work make a custom package for a great couple 🙂

4. I would love to photograph a pregnant pin up shoot. I think the pin up sessions are so much fun and would love to capture a lovely pregnant mom with full vintage style pin up hair and makeup. I’d be more than happy to work with you on themes that would work to your tastes and click for more info on the Pin Up Photography London Ontario.

pin up photography

5. Engagement or family session for big fans of Harry Potter in Goderich this fall. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I know that there are some big Harry Potter fans here in South Western Ontario, so I would love to photograph a session in Goderich when the festival is on. I wasn’t able to get tickets but I will be on the lookout for them and I’m sure that some of the surrounding area will get into the spirit and will make for a great backdrop.

6. Engagement session at the Western Fair at sunset/night. Below you can see the last session I photographed there, 4 years ago this year! I would love to have some fun there again using my new equipment and knowledge.

7.  Forrats chocolate fondu engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. If you’re a chocoholic like me and haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Forrats in Byron yet, I highly recommend you do and I would love to capture some sweet love while you enjoy a date night (and maybe start across the road for some photographs at Springbank Park as well, for variety.)

8. London to London family/ engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. I have had this idea since moving to ‘Little London’ and would like to find the right people who either have a love of ‘Big London’ or are from England, or some kind of ties to both. The session would take us to a bunch of the London locations such as the double decker bus for Ice Cream and we might end up at a pub, with many other stops in between.

9. Trash the Prom or Bridesmaid Dress group session Do you and your friends still have your prom dresses laying around gathering dust? Maybe that has been awhile but you have bridesmaids dresses that you thought you might wear again but haven’t. I think it would make for such a fun shoot to get together with a bunch of your friends, maybe pamper yourself beforehand with getting hair and makeup, then have fun doing a friends shoot, but getting edgier with with in a fun location and possibly even trashing the dresses in the water, mud, snow or with paint or glitter!

10. Australia I would love to get home in Australian summer 2017/18 or 2018/19 so would love to book a wedding to photograph while I’m there with the exchange rate being right around even my rates are very affordable by Aussie standards.

Central Coast NSW Wedding Photographer


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Boler Mountain Engagement Photography

Boler Mountain Engagement Photography

I first met Tarryn and Adam at their friends wedding a couple of years ago. Since then I have photographed them a couple of times and last winter after he proposed just before Christmas (Tarryn’s favourite time of year) I had the pleasure of photographing them at a place that means a lot to them- Boler Mountain Engagement Photography. I am quite un-coordinated and generally hibernate in the winter so I had actually never been to Boler Mountain before so it was fun to see this part of London that many people enjoy. Now the big day has come for Tarryn and Adam and Clara and I are looking forward to ringing in the new year with this lovely couple and their friends.

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