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Best of 2017: Family Photography

Family Photos London Ontario

To kick off the new year I thought I would put together a series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2017. Below you will see some of my favourite images captured in 2017 from family sessions. The shots here are from a variety of family sessions- as part of a cake smash or other themed session, from extended family sessions, part of the 1st year package like 6 months, and from various mini sessions throughout the year. Looking back through these brought me some great memories and I’m hoping that the photos will do the same for the families for years to come. At the beginning of the year I asked to see how my clients have displayed photographs I have taken up in their homes and loved seeing so many families with the photographs I’ve taken up on their wall.

You can catch up on the previous posts in this ‘Best of 2017’ series below-

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Best of 2017: Pet Photography
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Best of 2017: Cake smash

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Best of 2016: Family Photography

Family Photographer London Ontario

I really think that one of my biggest strengths in my business is getting natural smiles and capturing families how they would like to be displayed up on their walls for generations to come. I’m very happy that so many families chose me to capture them in 2016. These photographs were captured during the whole variety of family photography sessions- Mini sessions, maternity, Newborn, 6 month, birthdays, cake smashes, extended family sessions and good old regular family sessions. Some families I see multiple times a year, others every couple of years but it is always lovely to know that the photographs that capture what your family was like at that time were taken by me! This year I captured even more families at my studio, which is a great option and fall back to have when we have bad weather.

To kick off the new year I thought I would put together a series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2016. You can catch up on the previous posts below-
Best of 2016: Mini sessions
Best of 2016: Business Headshots and Model Portfolios
Best of 2016: Pet Photography
Best of 2016: Maternity Photography
Best of 2016: Newborn Photography
Best of 2016: Cake Smash Photography

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Best of 2016: Mini Sessions

Mini Session Photographer London Ontario

To get back into the swing of things after Christmas I thought I would start my series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2016.


2016 was a busy mini session photography year for me! The one thing I especially love about the mini sessions is regularly getting to see families faces as they update their photos on their walls and on their profile pictures. In the images below you will see examples of the mini session days with the themes- Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring (both outside with the magnolia trees and inside from when we had freak late May snow), superheros and princesses, Thanksgiving/Fall/Halloween, Christmas (tree farm and in studio) as well as a few pet photography specific days and I also did business headshot mini sessions but those photographs will be shown in a few days when I post the blog for those portraits. For 2017 I plan on doing all of these mentioned in the below flyer for my mini session pass, the best value way of doing mini sessions with me throughout the year and only on sale until Jan 1st.

mini session photographer london ontario

Now to announce the Valentine’s Day mini sessions for 2017. This years Valentine’s Day mini sessions will be held on Sunday Januray 22nd 2017 at my studio space is south London. Message me now with your preference of time (see available times below). You will choose which images to have as part of your package by Friday Jan 27th and you will receive the edited images back by Saturday Feb 4th to give you time to print for friends and family. These sessions will have a wide variety of props available and multiple backgrounds. Full list of props will be added closer to the date on the facebook event page.
A $20 deposit is required to secure your time by cash or cheque- made out to Erin Woodgate Photography or email transfer- to erin@erinwoodgatephotography.com.) or alternatively, credit card can be accepted. Full payment must be made before any product is exchanged.

Valentine’s Day Mini Session Pricing
Package 1
20 min session
5 images of your choice (edited, high resolution with print release)

Package 2
20 min session
12 images of your choice (edited, high resolution with print release)
facebook cover collage

Add 10 5×7 valentine’s day cards for just $20+hst.

All packages include 1 family or couple. Any extended family members or friends will have an additional fee of $10+hst per person.

Available times:
If requested, additional times will be opened up on Friday January 20th, Saturday January 21st, Monday January 23rd or Tuesday January 31st so if you are not available for the 22nd, ask me about those dates..
To book or for any questions contact me and as always, click on the images below to view them larger.
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Best of 2015: Family Photography London Ontario

Wrap up of Erin Woodgate Photography’s best Family Photography Sessions London Ontario!

2015 brought many Family Photography Sessions London Ontario which I love, especially when it is returning clients so I get to see the kids growing up. Many clients opted for my mini sessions but I also was able to capture many extended family sessions on location. To kick off the new year I thought I would put together a series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2015. You can catch up on the previous posts below-
Best of 2015 Boudoir photography where I announced the Valentine’s Day boudoir mini sessions
Best of 2015 Mini Sessions where I announced the Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions
Best of 2015 Cake smash
Best of 2015 Business Headshots
Best of 2015: Maternity
Best of 2015: Newborn photography
Best of 2015: Pet photography

I really love doing family sessions, making the kids smile, seeing the funny things they do or say and watching them grow up in front of my camera are all very fulfilling. Below you will see some of my favourite images from the year, some were taken as part of family or engagement sessions, a bunch were taken during mini sessions. If you would like more information about my Family Photography Sessions London Ontario follow this link.

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Awesome London

Well, as you may have seen in various ways over the past week I was very lucky to have been chosen to win a $1000 grant from Awesome London. I thought I would just kind of recap on my idea, what has happened so far and bring all the links together.

So, I was told a little over a month ago that Awesome was coming to London, I had seen the idea when I lived in Halifax last summer. I thought about the idea which had been floating around in my head since high school. I come from an area of Australia similar to London in that there are quite a few seniors homes and centres so I know what a vital part to the community they are. During my high school years we lived with my nan to care for because of her Alzheimer’s. One day she came home very happy from her day out at the local seniors centre. I found out that she had just had a nice day as carers had just sat and painted her nails and chatted with her. In the days following, I saw that she was happier.

Around 2 weeks ago I was told that I had been selected and then the ‘January’s top 3 Awesome finalists announced‘ went up. Reading the other ideas, I thought how great they both were and that I would have voted for either of them myself. I started to get nervous.

The pitch night at Joe Kools came around and even after a very restless night sleep and my lack of public speaking in front of crowds (I’d much rather be hiding behind my camera) I was told I did a good job and that I didn’t look nervous, I think seeing a picture of Nan up on the big screen really helped with that. I also chatted to Sean from London Community news and enjoyed seeing his article the next day!

This was the main part of my pitch-
My project would be to go to different seniors homes and centres (once gaining permission of course) and collaborate with a hair/makeup artist to primp the seniors. This might be something as simple as painting nails, to having hair styled or even just asking them to wear that outfit that makes them feel special on the day that we were going to be visiting. By chatting to them about whatever they feel I should know about them, or this world we live in, I’d hope to make a connection to each person I was photographing, which would help to bring out their unique personality in the portrait. I would then use my photography skills to capture a nice portrait of them. I think it goes without saying that their family would enjoy having this portrait of them as much or even more as the person we were photographing. 


There are more photos from the pitch night on my facebook page

After chatting to a few people, It came to the announcement time and I was incredibly happy when my name was called! I was handed the paper bag and the Awesome sign which will get passed between each winner. I was pretty much surrounded by people offering their business cars to help me achieve my idea, among some of those we Chris of Uber Cool stuff (an awesome store downtown) who is going to chat to some of his contacts about getting a deal on printing and Adam of Simalam Media who offered his knowledge of all things web. I found out that this city runs on Twitter and also that Ed Jackman (@edjackman) who was the first presenter also got funding for his idea from people in the audience!

The next morning I joined Katie (@kv_designs) on Daytime London, a Rogers TV show and after stuttering my way through the first half of the interview was able to finally get out what I was doing etc. The following morning, continuing in my 15 minutes of fame, I joined Michelle (@ml_baldwin) on CBC Ontario Morning to chat about the idea. On the Awesome foundation website this was posted, I was told there was something in the Londoner newspaper (which I’m still to get my hands on) and Most recently, Chris Moss (@christine_moss)spoke to Rogers Tv about Awesome London and my project.

So, where to now? Hopefully sometime this week I will be meeting up with some of the trustees from Awesome London for some guidance and working out the logistics of asking for permission to not only go in and take the photos, but also to use the photos. Originally I had thought of keeping this just on a smaller scale and just giving the portraits to the seniors and their families but now with all the interest, I feel like we have to make it more awesome! Ideas have ranged from a blog, weekly newspaper article, to a book. Once that is all planned and I’ve asked and gained permission from a few of the seniors homes I’ll be looking for volunteers to help make it happen- I already have Amy of Ireezy hair design and Deanna of Deanna Ronson Style and Image consulting  volunteering for a shoot each but will need more so if you know of anyone who would be interested, please get them to contact me.
If you have an Awesome idea you should apply!

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Mothers day matching Polaroids

I started this series back in September 2009 and it still continues, this is what I’m saving my very last rolls of real Polaroid film for. Standing in each of my parents footsteps when they were my age in various places in Europe and the UK

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Smash the cake session!

Being and only child, there was never a lack of photographs taken of me. Walking into my mums house is a statement to that, but if there was one session that I would love to have captured it would be a cake smash session!
It’s no secret that I love my cake and will incorporate it in to any session I do but I just love doing these shoots, sometimes the kids can be totally into it and are total cakoholics like me or sometimes they are a little more wary why all of a sudden they are allowed to tear apart something, when they’ve been taught all of their short life not to, just like little Julien was in this session, not that you would ever know from the photos!
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Big East Coast Heart

So this post is a little later than normal but better late than never! I’ve been busy out visiting friends and family in Halifax on the East Coast of Canada which is where the groom from this wedding was from. Out here there is just a whole new level of kindness out here and when during the toasts everyone clinked glasses to his big east coast heart I had a little chuckle to myself because it really resonated with me. I’ve so far showed you the story of this wedding in funky coloured details, fine art black and white and so her it is in colour! Have a great long weekend!

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New Work Wednesdays

After working for a year and a half at a family portrait studio at home and working at a similar studio since I’ve been in London it is hard to imagine the amount of living rooms that photos I’ve taken will be hanging in for years to come. The thing is though, because I have been working for companies they own the copyright to all of the images I’ve taken so I don’t get to show the amazing photos like a little girls first steps, or how amazing it is to take maternity shots of a very pregnant soon to be mother and then the very next week taking photos of the newest member to the family.

I decided recently that I needed to have some of this for my portfolio and so I started doing sessions for free for people who would not otherwise have got photography of their baby bump or bundle of joy. Why free when I know on average even at the studios I’ve worked for the average family would spend over $300 on photographs I’ve taken? Because I feel that if I don’t have anything in my portfolio to show people they wont be able to visualize what I will be able to take for them, so therefore don’t know what it’s worth. Also I’d rather do it free than setting a really low price for my building portfolio sessions and limit myself to that for in the future.
When I first spoke to Amanda she was41 weeks pregnant with her second child and so I knew we had no time to loose. My next available day I went around and started my first on Location maternity shoot. She said she felt a lot more at ease doing the photos at her own house compared to at a studio and It was great because if I got an idea for a photo, like with the sonogram photo we could easily access whatever it was that we needed.

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Oktoberfest in September, In Feburary.

Yesterday my boyfriends good friend who is going to Europe this summer was asking me what places I think they really shouldn’t miss out on and I realized I haven’t done a Europe post in a little while so I thought I would this morning..

I realize that this post has A LOT of photos so I won’t talk for too long about it but basically last year was the 200th year of Oktoberfest. It meant bigger crowds than usually but also more parades etc. I was there for the first weekend of it with the tapping of the first keg, which i wasn’t able to see because they do it inside one of the beer halls and even though I got there at 9am to get a seat and the tappping wasn’t until 12noon I still couldn’t get in.

The first weekend is also known as Aussie weekend. Pretty much every person speaking english there on that first weekend had an Australian accent. I stayed at the topdeck campsite and it really was like a little Australia. It actually was quite soothing for someone like me missing home. It was pretty funny though because even though the campsite was probably 95% Australian, 3% New Zealander, I somehow ended up finding the only English people there to hang out with.

So what are my tips for Oktoberfest? If you’re going to camp, make sure you are very intoxicated when you’re going to sleep or have a very warm sleeping bag- It was freezing!!! Get to the beer halls early if you want a seat. and most but not least make sure you see more of the city than the beer halls or camping ground, Munich is an amazing place and my next travel blog will be about that!

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