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London Ontario Engagement photography

Joey and Loey as a couple sound like some kind of superhero duo, and their love, silliness and happiness are nothing short of that! Early in September we headed to the Sifton Bog where they did their best gangsta impressions then headed further in for some more lovey shots, but still keeping with the silliness added a bit of Gangnam style to their engagement session. I was so happy when I saw that they used the Gangnam style shot for their save the dates! After Sifton Bog we headed to downtown London to where Joey and proposed and captured a few of my favourite shots of the year with the fountain in the background. I can’t wait for their wedding in May! 

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Models Brianna and Robynn for Atlantic Art Couture

 This summer I was lucky enough to be asked again by east coast Jewellery designer Jessie of Atlantic Art Couture to photograph her new line of jewellery which I got a strong woodland feel from. I adore all things with antlers and also a good walk in the woods so I knew that we could put our heads together and come up with a great idea for a shoot! I got together with the beautiful Brianna and Robynn and went for a walk through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and had fun shooting with a cool vintage typewriter I picked up, vintage camera I was given, with some cars that just happened to be there and of course the gorgeous jewellery!

How could we just walk past this car! The owner was even so accommodating as to move it to a different space in the car park so that we had a better backdrop!
I had to have this terrarium ring with the Effiel tower in it and on my trip last month took a couple of shots with it from the top of the tower and with the real tower itself! 

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Topher and Rae’s Wedding at Peggy’s Cove

This post is probably the hardest I’ve ever had to do, simply because of the amount of photos that I simply loved and wanted to include. Cutting it down to below 20 (what I always try to do) just simply wan’t possible in this case. Topher and Rae are an inspiring couple, from different places and brought together in Halifax. They met and married within a year and I am so happy to have been asked to photograph their very special day with their intimate ceremony. These two were just meant to be together, everything from Topher’s guitar playing matching to Rae’s beautiful voice and their awesome sense of style. 
Vintage Dress: Princess Toadie
Crinoline: ReSashay (Vintage Crinoline) 
Feathers & Tulle for Headpiece (Made by Rae)
Vintage Suit & Shirt: Thrifted from Value Village
Bow tie & Pocket Square: Made by Rae
Aprons made by their dear friend Maria Bogorode
Tables & Chairs: Thrifted and Refinished by Topher and Rae
Decor, China, Teacups, Vases, Silverware, Etc. : Thrifted Value Village, Salvation Army, & Yard Sales
Flowers (Arranged by Rae and her Mom): Fresh & Some Dried Lavender Bought from Seafoam Lavender  (Have a storefront in Halifax Market) 
Dried Lavender & Buds for tossing 
Cake: Scanway
Celebrant: Wynne Jordan from Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax 
Wine: Topher’s Parents had the wine made and personalised in Ontario.


Congrats you got to the end! Can’t get enough of Topher and Rae? Here’s their engagement session at the Public Gardens.

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Cabot Trail

A few weeks ago I did a detail blog about the cabin we stayed in when we went to Cape Breton just over a month ago now. Now I thought it was time to blog the big stuff. The amazing views and landscapes that ‘one of the best drives you need to do before you die’ has to offer. I shot these on a T2i with my 10-22mm wide angle and 17-85mm. I just bought a new camera, the 5D mark III with 24-105mm and I can’t wait to take it out tomorrow and see the tall ships!

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110 film makes a comeback

In my second year of university I went to a recycling place called reverse garbage and managed to pick up around 10 cameras that people had donated. I held on to a few of these because they were in good shape and looked cool, something must have been telling me to because just recently Lomography started making black and white 110 film which will go in a few of them! To go along with it last week they announced 2 brand new cameras ‘Fisheye baby basic’ and ‘Fisheye baby metal’ which I’m excited to get my hands on mainly for the fact that even the regular size fisheye is light, and these babies are even smaller so I love the idea of having one as a keychain or something permanently in my bag.

When I was in Cape Breton recently I also came across an old 110 camera still with film in it which has the expiry of 1982, 5 years before I was born! I’m interested to know if these will come out at all. 

A sample picture from the Lomography website, this guy looks strangely familiar thou!

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Aday (in the sunshine)

I somehow came across the aday project and luckily the weather was so beautiful so I definitely made the most of May 15th! 
Checked out some Hanson video’s and drooled over the new merchandise

Left the boyfriend at home to deal with the Diablo frenzy

$6 double Margaritas!

Gorgeous walk through our old hood

This is pretty typical of me, finding random things on the ground.

Not a threatening cloud in the sky!

Walk down by the waterfront

Dandelions are everywhere!

Love this little stumble of a trail to my friends place 

Again with finding the random stuff on the ground, this time on the bus!

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Halifax Pregnancy Photographer

I’m now back in Halifax, Canada and will be here until the end of August. Before I left home on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia I wanted to do a feminine pregnancy shoot using the natural location that I know and love most, the beach. First time Mum Laura was a pleasure to photograph and brought a great range of outfit changes!

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Reflections on last year, now.

I know I’ve kind of missed the boat on posts wrapping up the year that has past in photos or memories but I still wanted to have the opportunity to go through and pick some of my faves that you may or may not have seen over the past year from my Lomography film cameras.

Trying out my newly won Diana, I experimented with some light painting around my newly purchased Fisheye 2. These were the cold January days in Canada where I had to find things to take photos of inside so as not to freeze my trigger finger off mid click. Okay so maybe it wasn’t that bad but at the time it felt like it..
Adventuring across the city to pick up my (again newly won) Diana Mini I took this photo on the way back of some items out the front of a shop that can only be described as selling Bric-a-brac. I like the ‘Bambi’s’ and my reflection in the pot, with my camera to my face, not an inch of skin to be seen.
An early warm streak had me jumping for joy in March but even though it was only short lived I loved getting out and seeing random sights like this when the snow melted away, the dressings of a snowman built months before.
Through Couchsurfing I met a now great friend and we went on a road trip to Chicago together. Coming from Australia the chance to be able to drive to such places still seems weird to me but it was a fun time. I challenged myself by only taking film cameras on the trip and was shattered when I received back all the black and white rolls from my Holga, which in one view had been ruined by the lab. I now think that the dust spots, scratches and chemical marks all add to the photos making them look even more vintage.
We went back to Halifax for a much needed couple of weeks off seeing family and friends and this photos just really captures that time for me.
Getting back to London it was like someone had flipped a switch to summer and had made the grass grow, the flowers bloom and the Sears workers scream about lawn mowers instead of snow blowers. We took to playing tennis to soak up some sun and get exercise.
On Canada Day I painted the town red with my Fisheye and colorsplash flash. I had really hoped that this photo came out better than it did, with the couple in front of us kissing under the fireworks, but alas that is one of the chances you take when you shoot with film.
This was an incredibly busy month filled with lots of work, many photoshoots, packing for moving, goodbyes, travelling halfway across the country and somehow we managed to fit a day trip to Niagara falls in there.
After enjoying a few weeks in Halifax with road trips to Hunts Point and the Valley, The 26th was always going to be the day that I had to be out of the country by, we left a couple of days earlier and made the hell of a trip from Halifax, Canada to Tumbi Umbi, Australia.
After a lot of settling in and catching up with people we headed way up north to the Barrier Reef stopping at a fair few fun places in between. This double exposure was taken on Fraser Island. It’s a long story of what happened but if you ever find yourself going there. Take it from an Aussie and 2 Canadians, drive, don’t walk.
Work started, fixing up the house took up the free time and other than seeing the friends on the odd occasion not as much happened. Except for getting the camera of all Lomography cameras, the LCA
The coldest beginning to a December on record and overall 5 degrees less than average sent me and my bragging about how warm this summer will be back into my ugg boots. The Koala and the Moose did however happen to pick a lovely day to explore in Sydney.

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Catherine for Bridget Turner Jewellery

Another Etsy Trade shoot this week and with the weather being how it was today (38 degrees C) I figured these intricately made beach themed accessories would be great to feature. All made by Bridget herself you can find them at her Etsy shop. You can also check her out on her Facebook page. Catherine stepped in at the last minute when a shoot fell through with another model and she was amazing! We shot at Point Pleasant park on one of the sunniest days of September.

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I wish that I had Jesse’s girl!

Whenever I meet a couple with the guy called Jesse, that song always comes in my head! I met Shandell and Jesse at Victoria park where we were going to do their engagement session but, even though I checked the London event website I guess that place must pretty much just always have something going on there so we decided to go to my favorite park but walked in a direction I hadn’t gone before, we found some great scenery. It was great to get to know this couples Brady Bunch story, see how smitten he was and hear about some broken bones from doing some pretty extreme stuff! It was an extremely hot day so we ended up at Marble Slab and got some ice cream, a great way to end a summer engagement session if you ask me!

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