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Chicago Wedding Photography styled shoot

At the beginning of October I was heading to Chicago for a concert so decided to see if I could put together a little styled wedding shoot while I was there and this is the outcome! Jess and Matt were the lovely couple who made my ‘Iconic Chicago’ theme come to life (and directed me through the insanely busy streets of downtown). They sure got a lot of ‘Congratulations’ and received many compliments on the Ivory pearl ‘Harper’ gown and gorgeous veil from Once Upon a Time Weddings. It was a lot of fun and I would so love do real Chicago wedding photography, there were so many amazing spots to take photos, especially around sunset. Contact me if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, in Chicago or other awesome destinations!

As always, click on the images below to view full screen 🙂

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Engagement party photography London Ontario

Engagement Party London Ontario

This was actually my first time photographing an engagement party and what an amazing one it was! We started off with doing a few posed engagement photos for the gorgeous couple and I was really excited to post this blog just to show the variety that I can capture in a short amount of time in one location. We had one very nice shady weeping willow tree and in 12 minutes we captured the first set of images you see here, and more, these were just my favorites! The wonderful decor was by the wonderful Elena of Lavish Events by Design – Wedding Decorator and I loved capturing all of the candids including the ring blessing ceremony, cutting the cake and all the wonderful dancing. We took many posed photographs of the newly engaged couple with their friends and family and I just love the shot of them where she is leaning on his shoulder towards the end of the day, they’re over the posed photos but you can still see the love and happiness between them. We then took a few more shots of the two of them with the gorgeous golden light. I would love to photograph more events around the wedding like engagement parties, stag and doe, showers etc so get in contact! Discounts apply if you book your wedding photography with me 🙂

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Proposal Photography Niagara Falls

Yahoo my first ever proposal shoot! I have been advertising and telling everyone I know all year that I want to photograph the real moment of the proposal and I was over the moon when Maurice, the lovely gentleman you see here, contacted me a few months back. We started planning the proposal photography and as I had done their family photos many times before I knew I was going to have to be sneaky/very inconspicuous about it. We arranged a meeting spot and I sat and waited in a bus stop so as to not be recognized. As I was waiting there for awhile on a very hot day I started chatting to a few people and they decided they were going to be my cover, so that when he gave me the thumbs up that he was ready they walked with me and from just across the street I managed to capture the moment for this lovely couple. We then had fun taking a few more shots around the Niagara Falls area.

Like anything that you are doing for the first time I learnt a lot that I will change and improve on for in the future. Looking forward to the next proposal and hopefully their wedding 🙂

Click the images below to view them larger and don’t forget to pin 🙂

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Destination Wedding Photography

I am quite often asked about what I charge for a Destination wedding so I decided with my aim of making my new website as helpful as possible that I would write a blog explaining how much I would love to capture your destination wedding and how it all works. Continue reading »

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Tall Ships Shoot

So when the Tall Ships were in town I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without collaborating with some local models Matt and Eden, for a shoot. I definitely think that if I’m shooting something like this again I will seriously consider going early in the morning so as to not have thousands of tourists to work around but still, it was a very fun shoot with the beautiful Eden falling through a barrel at one point!

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Cabot Trail

A few weeks ago I did a detail blog about the cabin we stayed in when we went to Cape Breton just over a month ago now. Now I thought it was time to blog the big stuff. The amazing views and landscapes that ‘one of the best drives you need to do before you die’ has to offer. I shot these on a T2i with my 10-22mm wide angle and 17-85mm. I just bought a new camera, the 5D mark III with 24-105mm and I can’t wait to take it out tomorrow and see the tall ships!

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Cape Breton Cabin

Last week we headed up the coast to Cape Breton and after driving around the beautiful Cabot Trail, we stayed at one of our friends cabins. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially after she said that we had to shower outside. I’d stayed at a few kinds of cabins before but this was a real cabin, built by family, the place where furniture and boardgames that are no longer needed throughout the year go to live out their lives, to be loved again over the summer when the family visit. I shot these images one rainy day when I wanted to stay inside and enjoy the fire.

Yep, this is how crazy my hair looks on these kinds of days..

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Australian Open

The end of January mean Tennis fever has just left Australia and I was among one of the many to venture to Melbourne for the Australian open this year with the boy who is a big fan and we saw 3 sessions of quarter finals, which in each session we got to see a top 3 player so I think thats pretty darn good! Here are some of the pics mostly taken with my 70-200, an absolute baby among all the other massive lenses..

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Reflections on last year, now.

I know I’ve kind of missed the boat on posts wrapping up the year that has past in photos or memories but I still wanted to have the opportunity to go through and pick some of my faves that you may or may not have seen over the past year from my Lomography film cameras.

Trying out my newly won Diana, I experimented with some light painting around my newly purchased Fisheye 2. These were the cold January days in Canada where I had to find things to take photos of inside so as not to freeze my trigger finger off mid click. Okay so maybe it wasn’t that bad but at the time it felt like it..
Adventuring across the city to pick up my (again newly won) Diana Mini I took this photo on the way back of some items out the front of a shop that can only be described as selling Bric-a-brac. I like the ‘Bambi’s’ and my reflection in the pot, with my camera to my face, not an inch of skin to be seen.
An early warm streak had me jumping for joy in March but even though it was only short lived I loved getting out and seeing random sights like this when the snow melted away, the dressings of a snowman built months before.
Through Couchsurfing I met a now great friend and we went on a road trip to Chicago together. Coming from Australia the chance to be able to drive to such places still seems weird to me but it was a fun time. I challenged myself by only taking film cameras on the trip and was shattered when I received back all the black and white rolls from my Holga, which in one view had been ruined by the lab. I now think that the dust spots, scratches and chemical marks all add to the photos making them look even more vintage.
We went back to Halifax for a much needed couple of weeks off seeing family and friends and this photos just really captures that time for me.
Getting back to London it was like someone had flipped a switch to summer and had made the grass grow, the flowers bloom and the Sears workers scream about lawn mowers instead of snow blowers. We took to playing tennis to soak up some sun and get exercise.
On Canada Day I painted the town red with my Fisheye and colorsplash flash. I had really hoped that this photo came out better than it did, with the couple in front of us kissing under the fireworks, but alas that is one of the chances you take when you shoot with film.
This was an incredibly busy month filled with lots of work, many photoshoots, packing for moving, goodbyes, travelling halfway across the country and somehow we managed to fit a day trip to Niagara falls in there.
After enjoying a few weeks in Halifax with road trips to Hunts Point and the Valley, The 26th was always going to be the day that I had to be out of the country by, we left a couple of days earlier and made the hell of a trip from Halifax, Canada to Tumbi Umbi, Australia.
After a lot of settling in and catching up with people we headed way up north to the Barrier Reef stopping at a fair few fun places in between. This double exposure was taken on Fraser Island. It’s a long story of what happened but if you ever find yourself going there. Take it from an Aussie and 2 Canadians, drive, don’t walk.
Work started, fixing up the house took up the free time and other than seeing the friends on the odd occasion not as much happened. Except for getting the camera of all Lomography cameras, the LCA
The coldest beginning to a December on record and overall 5 degrees less than average sent me and my bragging about how warm this summer will be back into my ugg boots. The Koala and the Moose did however happen to pick a lovely day to explore in Sydney.

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Model Holly for Atlantic Art Couture

In some kind of madness, I decided that coming into Halifax as well as trying to get ready to leave the country and see all the friends and family there that I would do a whole bunch of photo shoots for Etsy trades. The results of these shoots will be shared over the next couple of weeks starting with this shoot with Holly who is ‘Miss Truro’ and is in the running for ‘Miss Nova Scotia’. The jewellery was supplied by Etsy store Atlantic Art Couture and I loved being able to use the Halifax skyline as a backdrop in some of the shots. If you are interested in product shots please contact me erin (at) woodgatephotography.com

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