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Chicago Wedding Photography styled shoot

At the beginning of October I was heading to Chicago for a concert so decided to see if I could put together a little styled wedding shoot while I was there and this is the outcome! Jess and Matt were the lovely couple who made my ‘Iconic Chicago’ theme come to life (and directed me through the insanely busy streets of downtown). They sure got a lot of ‘Congratulations’ and received many compliments on the Ivory pearl ‘Harper’ gown and gorgeous veil from Once Upon a Time Weddings. It was a lot of fun and I would so love do real Chicago wedding photography, there were so many amazing spots to take photos, especially around sunset. Contact me if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, in Chicago or other awesome destinations!

As always, click on the images below to view full screen 🙂

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Proposal Photography Niagara Falls

Yahoo my first ever proposal shoot! I have been advertising and telling everyone I know all year that I want to photograph the real moment of the proposal and I was over the moon when Maurice, the lovely gentleman you see here, contacted me a few months back. We started planning the proposal photography and as I had done their family photos many times before I knew I was going to have to be sneaky/very inconspicuous about it. We arranged a meeting spot and I sat and waited in a bus stop so as to not be recognized. As I was waiting there for awhile on a very hot day I started chatting to a few people and they decided they were going to be my cover, so that when he gave me the thumbs up that he was ready they walked with me and from just across the street I managed to capture the moment for this lovely couple. We then had fun taking a few more shots around the Niagara Falls area.

Like anything that you are doing for the first time I learnt a lot that I will change and improve on for in the future. Looking forward to the next proposal and hopefully their wedding 🙂

Click the images below to view them larger and don’t forget to pin 🙂

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Destination Wedding Photography

I am quite often asked about what I charge for a Destination wedding so I decided with my aim of making my new website as helpful as possible that I would write a blog explaining how much I would love to capture your destination wedding and how it all works. Continue reading »

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Photokina 2012

I know this post is about 3 weeks overdue but hey, better late than never! This photokina post isn’t going to tell you about all the latest gadgets from the biggest companies (Canon, Nikon etc) but it will focus on the things that made me happiest at the trade show in Cologne, Germany.
First stop was Lomography, unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to sign up for the DIY La Sardinia workshop where they were giving away free cameras (I can’t be too greedy, I do already have one , below) but was very happy to have a 1 on 1 tutorial with a Lomokino camera (shown above) and be able to play around with all the fun props they had to go with their circus theme. 

Next stop was up the stairs to Samsung and although I’ve never really liked their cameras I did really like all their displays- breakdancers, waterfalls and lego boats! We also stood in line for 45 minutes to get a photo on a vespa printed on a mug for free but the camera they were using was having problems connecting to wifi and the in camera editing looked very slow going anyway so we abandoned it.

Sony had lots of models to try out their cameras on

The Impossible project was doing demonstrations of their latest technology basically being able to use and Iphone to take a picture, put it on their device and make it an instant polaroid like picture. I’m still not sure how I feel about this- Glad that it opens up more ways for people to use analogue technology but I always loved the feeling of that a Polaroid is like a negative, there is only one of them. 

We also stood in line for about an hour to get these photographs taken of us by photographer Walter M Rammler for a project faces@photokina on a hassleblad camera then printed on an Epson fine art printer. 

I used a CeWe instant print machine to make these glossy prints and was surprised with actually how nice they came out.

On the opposite end of the scale, Polaroids new digital instant camera disappointed me, with a much smaller amount of megapixels than all cameras on the market and poor printing quality, I feel like this machine could have been made so much better had a little more time and money gone into it. (See printed example of me using one above)

And lastly, my next big purchase is going to be an Epson scanner so while I was chatting to the reps about them I got this print done on one of their printers, and I was again surprised at the quality it came out with. Maybe my ‘anything printed not in a lab on wet lab paper is crap’ mentality was slightly changed. Maybe. 

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Mothers day matching Polaroids

I started this series back in September 2009 and it still continues, this is what I’m saving my very last rolls of real Polaroid film for. Standing in each of my parents footsteps when they were my age in various places in Europe and the UK

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Chicago visit to see Vivian Maier

I was talking about the visit to Chicago awhile ago on the blog and on Facebook and I have been really slow with getting these photos up, even on my Lomography page. The reason? Most of these Lomographs are a little blurry on my part, I should have taken a faster film because of the overcast weather and shooting inside, but the lab I took them to, which wasn’t my normal lab must have had problems with their machine and I have scratches, dust, spots and development splotches all over the negatives, which in most cases makes them look like they have another layer of blurriness over them but some I think it helps them to look even more like they were taken in the 60’s when Vivian Maier was taking photos in Chicago, which was the reason we were going to Chicago to see her first exhibition and why I decided to not take a digital camera. Even though some of them aren’t great, this is the kind of photography I love, going to a place I haven’t been before and shooting a series.

Taking a photo of my road trip buddy Tyler through one of Vivian Maiers viewfinders.

Check out the development splotches in the photo above!

Have you ever had a roll of film ruined by a lab?
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Window Shopping

Another series that I developed along the way while traveling was of shop windows. There were a few reasons I think which drew me to taking photos of them. As a hostel dwelling traveller taking photos of some of the interesting (and in most cases expensive and impractical to carry with you) products in shop front windows is as close as I was ever going to get to them. Also in most cases told a story of where or when you were looking at them, either in the display or in the reflection of the window. I did a series around a year ago which was all about “Double takes” and had one of these natural double exposures included in it.

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Making up for memory mondays..

So I guess I must have been too busy squirrel chasing yesterday to remember to do the Memory Monday post on time. So heres one to make up, and from only a week or so ago!

Very early on a Wednesday morning got together with my new Couchsurfing friend Tyler and road tripped it from here in London Ontario to Chicago Illinois. We saw all the major tourist attractions there, went to a jazz bar and ate some chicago deep slice pizza. The main purpose of the trip was to see Vivian Maier’s exhibition and because of that I decided I would ‘Leave the Digital grind behind‘ and take only film cameras. I’m still waiting on all the 120 film rolls to come back but these were from the Diana Mini color roll.

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Shooting a series

Since high school I have always thought of my photo taking as a series. I remember hearing the head of fine art when I was in my undergrad describing how once he started a series, It never ended, and to some degree I feel the same way. It is good when there is a way for it to come to an end of course, like for example the end of a trip.

During my time traveling Europe last summer I realized that I was making series, some without thinking about it, some that were continuations of other series I had done. I’ve already shared the ones on here of kids or of lovers but here is one a little less personal which was very well received when I put the photos on my facebook page.
The archways of Europe.

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Memory Mondays Week 12

Back in June I decided that I needed to do more touristy things around Halifax and what is Halifax known for? The explosion and being the first place with boats to get to the Titanic victims. One of the graveyards where some of the Titanic Victims were buried was actually just down the road from where my boyfriend lived, on Olivet street, so one day we decided to go along and take our cameras. Cemeteries are always a somber but beautiful place to photograph.

This photo was taken by my boyfriend of me taking photos, which even though that is a very common situation, I don’t have very many photos of and I really like this one 🙂

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