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Port Stanley Photographer

Port Stanley Photographer

Natasha and Chad tied the knot on saturday so usually I would try to get the engagement blog up for the big day but with moving it made it a little harder to get done than normal but better late than never! I really loved this engagement session starting at Little Beach in Port Stanley starting off with some romantic shots and some candids, then heading over to main beach to catch the sunset with Chad’s amazing Harley! Love working with big props like this, especially when it makes the photos so much more personalized. After a change of clothes we heading down onto the beach to capture some blue jays themed pics with their personalized jerseys.

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Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario

Niki and Kyle get married today and I’m so excited to see them and their dogs again! They had lots of fun ideas and outfit changes (very brave in the super cold- actually snowing during some of the session). Kyle popped the question on Pelee Island so it was great to see the wine glasses from there being incorporated (they were my inspiration for going there for our 1st anniversary). This winter session was photographed at Fanshawe Conservation. I always love Winter Engagement Photography with Dogs London Ontario- including pets in the engagement photos and it’s a good idea to book your winter shoot early in the season in case we need to reschedule it until we get a day with beautiful snow like this!

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Winter Engagement Photography with Pets London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography with Pets London Ontario

So happy to bring you this engagement photography session photographed by Clara last year with Tia & Geoff who are tying the knot today! Incorporating pets into engagement sessions is one of our favourite things to do and just check out how beautiful the snow was that day- last winter we didn’t get many days like this! I think it is a great idea to have your engagement session photographed during a different season to your wedding, so that you have variety! It was photographed at the Old Court House, Ivey Park and Civic Gardens.

  • We met on an online dating site and started chatting on facebook. Turned out that we went to the same highschool, same university and even worked at the same restaurant at different times. We had a few mutual friends and decided to go on a date together. We went mini-golfing for our first date was super awkward but also so much fun! We were able to joke around about how meeting people from the internet can be scary, at the end of the date we both said “Well I guess your not a murderer we should do this again”
  • Tia: My first thought seeing Geoff was, damn this guys early! I’m usually the early one! Next was this guys looks like a really nice, he looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to get to know him a little more.
    Geoff: Is this the girl? Because it kind of looks like her but I don’t know for sure.
  • Geoff texted Tia when she was at work saying “Hey meet me and Scout (the dog) at Rockway Gardens (local park) on your way home from work we can go for a walk together. Tia was still in her uniform from work and stopped to grab an iced cap and iced coffee for Geoff. When she pulled up to the park she couldn’t see Geoff and Scout and called him, he said he was at the top of the hill. Tia called up to him and said she didn’t know how to get up he needed to come down for their walk (she didn’t know he was planning on proposing). When she made her way up to Geoff at the top of the hill he was asking how she felt about the park, if she thought it was nice (we were sitting on top of a mini waterfall). He then popped the question!! Tia hid behind Scout the dog shocked and so excited! Then out for fancy dinner to celebrate.
  • Why did you choose us
    I enjoyed the package. I liked that it had two photographers and included photography for the full day. I wanted to have photos of the girls getting ready, guys getting ready, people arriving at the wedding, ceremony, family photos, awesome photos captured at the reception. I was composed and traditional photos as well as fun and cheesie photos as well as embarrassing reception photos of course! The package appeared to cover all the bases. I enjoyed the two parent albums to give as gifts after the wedding and I of course enjoyed the album for us. It seemed like a well rounded package and I think photos are the second most important part of the wedding… besides the marriage of course!
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London Ontario engagement photographer

London Ontario Engagement Photographer

Tomorrow I’ll be photographing this sweet couple’s wedding! We photographed their engagement session last summer and they unfortunately had to push back their wedding but excited that the big day is here for them!

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Arva engagement photography

Arva Engagement Photography

I’m excited to be photographing Megan and Dave’s wedding today and it will certainly look very different outside today than it did this past winter when we photographed their session. We had lots of fun with piggy back rides and on the swings and we certainly were able to get a lot of variety out of this sweet little park in Arva which was chosen by the couple.

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Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario

Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario

Danielle and Joseph are getting married today and it was fun to look back on these fun Winter Engagement Photography London Ontario which were photographed at Civic Gardens. This park really has so much variety and is nice year round! This lovely couple had never had photographs taken together before so I was so happy to be chosen as the one to capture this important time in their lives! Here is something new I am starting with my engagement session blogs, rather than me telling you their story, I thought it would be nice to start to get their story written straight by the couple. Check it out below!

We met online and eventually went for coffee and the rest is history.

Joe- Damn, nice hair
Danielle- His hair cut makes him look like a squire from the nights of old!

Went to Niagara Falls, this was the one of the first places we had gone together. Joe had a masterful plan. We hopped on the Swedish Ferris wheel. Once the Ferris Wheel is at the top Joe states, “Holy Shit Danielle whats that?” and points because Danielle is so gullible. Danielle looks back. Joe has the ring out and ready when Danielle looks back. Then asks the question, “Will You Marry Me?” Danielle states an obvious yes. We then play Dinosaur Mini Golf.

Joe- Love how sweet and soft She is. I love how nice Danielle is to people.
Danielle- I love how mature and clever Joseph is.


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I’m off to photograph my first destination wedding!

Mexico destination wedding photographer

I leave in the early hours of sunday the 7th for a week in Mexico to photograph this awesome couple’s wedding. I’m happy that my first destination wedding is going to be with friends- Matt was one of the best men at our wedding and Sarah was one of the MC’s. These pics were taken right around 7 years ago when we went to Cuba (looking through the photos from that trip, we look like babies!) and I am so excited to be photographing her wearing a different white dress!


If you are interested in Destination wedding photography you can find more information here- Great value destination wedding photography.

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